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Do you need a Billing Agency?

Increase profitability

You need a Billing Agency if...

...Your accounts receivables are too high (more than 45 days)

...You are spending too much time on the billing aspect instead of your actual business

...You have difficultly hiring or keeping experienced accounts receivable staff

...You are experiencing downtime due to employee vacations, sick time, etc.

...Your operating costs are too high

...You are in need of updated computer equipment or expensive software

When you outsource your billing you can:

Focus more energy on your business to increase profits.

Stop hiring, managing, and training accounts receivable staff.

Avoid delays due to vacation, sick leave or staff turnover.

Reduce costs associated with personnel, such as salaries and benefits, computer hardware and software, office supplies, office space and training.

Reallocate space that would be used for billing to generate additional revenue streams.

Lock in a portion of operating expenses at a set percentage of revenue.

Avoid purchasing an expensive accounts receivable system.

We offer 3 billing and collection packages to collect your money on your outstanding accounts!

Account Maintenance Package:

We maintain your monthly invoices by sending monthly statements and continue follow up to encourage your accounts to make their payments on time and keep a steady income flow for you.  Our clients have seen fantastic results and have complimented us on how much time this services frees up their staff's time to take care of the other customer's needs and saves money on postage, office supplies, etc.  This service is offered for just $10.00/account per month.

Collection Package:

We service your hard to collect accounts that are over 45 days past due.  This service includes invoicing, phone calls, skip tracing, etc.  We only charge 30% of what is collected only.  If we do not collect, you owe NOTHING.

Complete Cycle Package:    This is our most popular package!!

This package includes BOTH the account maintenance and the collection package.   This complete service is offered for just $20/account per month.  Our clients have stated that this service pays for itself over and over.  They find that with our constant communication with their customers during the monthly maintenance package equates to a smaller percentage of the accounts that actually fall into the collection phase.  With this package, the collection percentage fee drops to only 15% of what is collected.

Email or call us for more information or to pick your package today!

Let Billing and Collection Specialists, LLC help you streamline your invoicing/accounts receivables and increase your cash flow!