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Do you need a Medical Billing Agency?

Increase profitability

You need a Medical Billing Agency if...

...Your accounts receivables are too high (more than 45 days)

...You are spending too much time on the business aspect instead of medicine

...You want more time to focus on patient care

...You have difficultly hiring or keeping experienced billing/coding staff

...Your staff struggles to have time to check patient insurance eligibility and benefits

...You are experiencing downtime due to employee vacations, sick time, etc.

...Your operating costs are too high

...You are in need of updated computer equipment or expensive software

When you outsource your medical billing you can:

Focus more energy on practicing medicine and taking care of patients.

Stop hiring, managing, and training billing staff.

Avoid delays due to vacation, sick leave or staff turnover.

Reduce costs associated with personnel, such as salaries and benefits, computer hardware and software, office supplies, office space and training.

Reallocate space that would be used for billing to generate additional revenue streams.

Lock in a portion of operating expenses at a set percentage of revenue.

Avoid purchasing an expensive billing system.

Let Billing and Collection Specialists, LLC help you streamline your billing and increase your cash flow!